Robert L. Kurucz

Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics
60 Garden Street
Cambridge, MA 02138, USA

Telephone 617-495-7429
Fax 617-495-7049

This site KURUCZ.HARVARD.EDU has been moved to a more secure 

It provides up-to-date public access to my data and programs.  
These are the same programs and files that I use in my research.  
Many bugs and problems have been corrected but there are still 
many more errors remaining to be found.  Programs and data that 
I would not use myself because they are still under development 
are not on this computer.  Many of the files are large.  If they 
are too large for your browser, I am willing to write DVDs of 
those files on request and post them to you.  Some files taken 
from Kurucz CD-ROMs 1-26 are given for historical checks although 
many have been replaced by new versions.  Binary versions will 
eventually be replaced by (much larger) ASCII versions.  I am 
willing to rewrite them in ASCII on demand.  

THE DATES ARE NOT RELIABLE.  13Apr2011 is the date a disk was 
replaced.  Dates since then are dates the file was put on the web 
site.  There can be files dating to 1979.  I will attempt to 
recover the creation dates.

Neither the programs nor data are "black boxes".  You should not 
be using them if you do not have some understanding of the physics 
and of the programming in the source code.

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