List of 26 Kurucz CD-ROMs that have been produced thus far:

  1. Atomic data for opacity calculations.
  2. Opacities for Stellar Atmospheres: [+0.0],[+0.5],[+1.0].
  3. Opacities for Stellar Atmospheres: [-0.5],[-1.0],[-1.5].
  4. Opacities for Stellar Atmospheres: [-2.0],[-2.5],[-3.0].
  5. Opacities for Stellar Atmospheres: [+0.1],[+0.2],[+0.3].
  6. Opacities for Stellar Atmospheres: [-0.1],[-0.2],[-0.3].
  7. Opacities for Stellar Atmospheres: [-3.5],[-4.0],[-4.5].
  8. Opacities for Stellar Atmospheres: [-5.0],[+0.0,noHe],[-0.5,noHe].
  9. Opacities for Stellar Atmospheres: [+0.5a],[+0.0a],[-0.5a] +.4 alpha.
  10. Opacities for Stellar Atmospheres: [-1.0a],[-1.5a],[-2.0a] +.4 alpha.
  11. Opacities for Stellar Atmospheres: [-2.5a],[-3.0a],[-3.5a] +.4 alpha.
  12. Opacities for Stellar Atmospheres: [-4.0a],[-4.5a],[-5.0a] +.4 alpha.
  13. ATLAS9 Stellar Atmosphere Programs and 2 km/s Grid.
  14. Opacities for Stellar Atmospheres: Abundance Sampler.
  15. Diatomic molecular data for opacity calculations.
  16. Limbdarkening for 2 km/s grid (No. 13): [+1.0] to [-1.0].
  17. Limbdarkening for 2 km/s grid (No. 13): [+0.0] to [-5.0].
  18. SYNTHE spectrum synthesis programs and line data.
  19. Solar Abundance Model Atmospheres for 0,1,2,4,8 km/s.
  20. Atomic Data for Ca, Sc, Ti, V, and Cr.
  21. Atomic Data for Mn and Co.
  22. Atomic Data for Fe and Ni.
  23. Atomic Line Data (R.L. Kurucz and B. Bell)
  24. TiO linelist from Schwenke.
  25. H2O linelist from Partridge and Schwenke (1997), with IDs.
  26. H2O linelist from Partridge and Schwenke (1997), no IDs.
CD-ROMs 1 and 15 contain all of my line data, 58 million lines, packed 16 bytes per line. They have been distributed to supernova modelers, interiors modelers, envelope modelers, diffusion modelers, and stellar atmosphere modelers. I can use them to compute opacity-sampled model atmospheres, to compute complete spectra, and to tabulate Rosseland and wavelength dependent opacities. Found in directory LINELISTS. CD-ROMs 2-8 and 14 are distribution function line opacities for scaled solar abundances ranging from [+1.0] down to [-5.0] for microturbulent velocities 0, 1, 2, 4, and 8 km/s. These serve as input for my model atmosphere program ATLAS9 which is distributed on CD-ROM 13. These 9MB and 34MB binary files are found in directory OPACITIES. CD-ROMs 9-12 are alpha-enhanced opacities for Population II stars with the alpha-process elements (O, Ne, Mg, Si, S, Ar, Ca ad Ti) enhanced by 0.4 in the log relative to the Fe abundance. These 9MB and 34MB binary files are found in directory OPACITIES. CD-ROM 13 contains my model atmosphere and abundance analysis programs ATLAS9, BALMER9, WIDTH9 found in directory PROGRAMS; Rosseland opacities found in directory OPACITIES; Grids of models with Vturb = 2 km/s for abundances [+1.0], [+0.5], [+0.3], [+0.2], [+0.1], [+0.0], [-0.1], [-0.2], [-0.3], [-0.5], [-1.0], [-1.5], [-2.0], [-2.5], [-3.0], [-3.5], [-4.0], [-4.5], [-5.0]; fluxes from .009 to 160 micrometers for each model; Balmer line profiles for each model; Cousins, DDO, Geneva, Hbeta, JHKcit, RIJKL, UBV, uvby, uvbyCa, VBLUW, Vilnius colors for each model including reddening. All found in directory GRIDS. CD-ROMs 16 and 17 have the limb-darkening for the grids on CD-ROM 13. Found in directory GRIDS. CD-ROM 18 contains my spectrum synthesis programs ATLAS7V, SYNTHE, SPECTRV, ROTATE, BROADEN, PLOTSYN, etc. and sample runs found in directory PROGRAMS; Atomic line data files BELLHEAVY.DAT, BELLLIGHT.DAT, GFIRONLAB.DAT, GULLIVER.DAT, NLTELINES.DAT, GFIRONQ.DAT, obsolete, merged into GFALL, found in directory LINELISTS: Molecular line data files C2AX.ASC, C2BA.ASC, C2DA.ASC, C2EA.ASC, CNAX.ASC, CNBX.ASC, COAX.ASC, COXX.ASC, H2.ASC, HYDRIDES.ASC, SIOAX.ASC, SIOEX.ASC, SIOXX.ASC, found in directory LINELISTS; and my solar flux atlas for test calculations SOLARFLUX.ASC. Found in directory SUN. CD-ROM 19 is like CD-ROMs 13, 16, and 17 but for 5 microturbulent velocities at [+0.0]. Found in directory GRIDS. CD-ROMs 20-22 provide the details of the iron group calculations that formerly were distributed on 28 magnetic tapes. This information is useful for generating model atoms for non-LTE calculations of supernovas or hot dwarfs, for example. Found in directory ATOMS. CD-ROM 23 has all the atomic line data with good wavelengths in one large file and in one file for each species. The big file is also divided into 10 nm and 100 nm sections for convenience. Also given are hyperfine line lists for neutral Sc, V, Mn, and Co that were produced by splitting all the energy levels for which laboratory data are available (only a small fraction). Found in directory LINELISTS. CD-ROM 24 contains Schwenke's (1998) TiO linelist with 37,744,499 lines, Found in directory MOLECULES. CD-ROMs 25 and 26 contain the H2O linelist from Partridge and Schwenke (1997) There 65,912,356 lines packed with (slow) or without (fast) line identifications. Found in directory MOLECULES.